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We are in Maroochydore, at our lovely home salon. Do you know Millwell road in Maroochydore? We are just off that.
Our Address is 6 Wannon Street, Maroochydore QLD 4558

Our price menu is a guide, all hair is different and we all want to achieve different things with our hair. No two hair colours are the same. So, when it comes to quoting your new hair colour we really do need to see you and your hair in person. We need to factor in length, texture, the health of your hair, your lifestyle, product routine and of course your hair’s natural colour and your hair colour history. So much information is needed for us to deliver what you want with your hair and it is best done in
person, together – with inspiration photos.

After a one on one consult we can then provide an accurate and comprehensive quote. Our consultations are Free!

We are blonde hair, balayage, and lived-in colour specialists, hair extension experts, and award-winning wedding hair stylists. We absolutely love all aspects of hairdressing and offer many other hair services.

We do! We can work with you to create a personalised payment plan, and we also have SalonPay.

Hair Extensions

Absoutely not. Extensions, when installed and cared for properly, actually cover and protect your hair from external stressors like the sun and humidity. The important thing to remember is to choose quality over quantity and only go to a hairdresser that specialises in extensions (like us!). Regular maintenance, and proper aftercare are big factors in keeping your natural hair healthy too.

The duration depends on the type of extension, and it's maintenance. It can also be effected by how well the extensions are looked after, how often they are exposed to heat, and other external stressors. Because of this, it is difficult to give a generalised window for how long hair extensions will last.

• You should attend maintenance appointments in-salon that are guided by your stylist as extension maintenance may differ.

• Sleep on a silk pillowcase and loosely braid/plait your hair for sleeping.

• Use salon-quality home care products that are moisture-based. Your stylist will recommend what will work best for you and your hair!

• Never go to bed with wet hair.

• Wash your hair 1-2 times per week.

• Always dry your roots immediately after washing your hair. Blowdry and style your hair for best results.

• Do not brush your hair when wet, and only use an extension-friendly hair brush.

• If you have tape-in extensions, do not wash or wet your hair for 48 hours after your installation or maintenance service.

• Never attempt to colour your extensions on your own. If colour matching is required, please reach out to our team, and we will discuss options with you.

• Do not scrub your scalp or head aggressively, as this can cause breakage or premature falling of your natural hair.

• Apply conditioner from mids-ends and leave in hair prior to swimming, immediately wash hair after swimming.

• Using heat on hair extensions more than twice a week is not recommended, as it will shorten the life of your extensions.

• Keep all heat and hair tools away from the bonds of the hair extensions.

• Only use clear oils on your extensions, any yellow or coloured oils can potentially discolour your extensions.

We do Tape-in, Weft and Keratin Bond hair extensions. Our most popular is by far our wefts and keratin bonds.


With the right knowledge and products, this is definitely possible! We do many colour corrections, and really love doing them. One of our experienced stylists will guide you through the entire process and you'll always have a clear understanding of what is involved. We highly recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation before any colour correction service.

Natural elements such as the minerals in water, the sun, and air pollution can all make blonde hair go brassy. Excess heat and styling products can also leave your lush locks dry and prone to breakage. In simpler words, blonde hair is super fragile!

• Keep it hydrated! A moisturising shampoo, conditioner, and/or weekly treatment is essential. Our stylists can make a personal recommendation for your hair.

• Always use a heat-protectant product when heat-styling your hair.

• Protect your hair from the sun.

• Use a violet shampoo to correct brassy tones that appear in your hair.

• Finish your hair wash routine with a cold-water rinse.

• Use salon-quality home care products that are designed to strengthen and nourish bleached or coloured hair.

•Avoid yellow or coloured oils, as these can stain or darken your blonde. Only use clear oils.

• Avoid washing your hair more than twice per week. Invest in a dry shampoo to keep oily roots away!

• Come see us for a toner refresh between colouring appointments to keep your blonde hair beautiful!

Coloured Hair

We love Keune's Colour Brillianze range! It's specially designed to hydrate and protect coloured hair. It's super soft, moisturising, not too heavy, and it smells amazing!

YES! And we highly recommend never using heat on your hair without it. It can help keep your colour from fading and protect the integrity of your hair.
Next time you've got your blowdryer out, apply a bit of heat protect to one of your arms. Hold out both your arms, and have someone hold the blowdryer over both of your arms. You'll be able to tolerate the heat longer on the arm that has heat protectant on it.

Yes, definitely! Make sure to keep the mask on for 5-10 minutes. By doing a hair mask at least once per week, you will give your hair a super dose of healing and nourishment that it's craving. It will help repair damage, prevent split ends, help your hair grow, increase shine, and keep your colour going stronger for longer.

Wedding Hair

We do! We can schedule our amazing stylists to be on location for your big day. Please get in touch with us for availability and travel fees.

We have a range of options available for everyone from the bride, to the mother of the bride. Get in touch with us, and we can send you our options and pricing.

We can! We highly recommend coming in for a consult and your trial prior to your big day, so we can ensure you have the proper type of extensions needed.