Hair Towel

Your self-care saviour!

- Quick dry material which means less time blowdrying and styling your hair. Drys your hair in a compact, convenient way making your hair wash days a lot easier.

- Made from 100% cotton, because it's more absorbent than microfibre, more comfortable and very strong so will last longer.

- Easy to use, simply cover your wet hair and twist the wrap, then secure into place with the elastic and button

- Light weight and compact, very comfortable to wear even when you have a lot of hair!

- Take it anywhere, even to the beach! It's your go-to bff

- Super absorbent and BUH-BYE FRIZZ

- Strong stitching techniques making it practically unbreakable

- Soft and hands-free hair drying

- No heat required, leaving your hair soft, smooth and extra shiny.

- Pampers your hair. It won't pull at your hair. Is very gentle

- Strengthens hair while drying, fights frizz, breakage and split ends

- Dry hair faster and style sooner than any other hair towel on the market

- 65cm x 25cm